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FPAIBQPR4JiNotes - Fixed an issue where rescheduling a repeating encrypted meeting that contained an internet address attendee would result in no reschedule...
CSAOC2R69MiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue on IE where the calendar form would shift to the left when switching between types. This regression was...
CSAO8XPB46Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue where a calendar invitation could not be sent to an internet user if the default display name was set to alternate...
FPAIBZTSWNiNotes - Alternate Names - Fixed an issue with Inconsistent display of chair name in an invitation with alternate names enabled
FPAIC4HFJBiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue with repeating meetings where an updated description for a "Just this Instance" event would be changed back to the...
PCHNC7ZDY7Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue where the FYI field of a new meeting invitation showed to recipients after accepting the meeting. This regression...
JPAIC5CHNJClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where $CSTrack item was growing too large.
KWAECBGAYNiNotes - Fixed a problem where the "Edit my calendar" dialog box showed overlapped element and buttons in some language settings on Chrome or...
KWAECBH7L8iNotes - Fixed an issue where buttons and elements were overlapped on Rooms dialog box and Resources dialog box on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in some...
KWAECBMALZiNotes - Fixed an issue where some elements at the bottom of the Set Repeats dialog box were overlapped in some language settings on Chrome, Firefox,...
KWAECBMBVZiNotes - Fixed a problem where description text and buttons were overlapped on the "You have Unprocessed Notices" dialog box in some language...
KWAECBU2MQiNotes - Fixed an issue where filter calendar by chair dialog box shows truncated buttons.
KWAECBU2YHiNotes - Fixed an issue where the width of the select box on Filter Calendar by Type dialog box and Filter Calendar by Status dialog box was not wide...
KWAECBX7QKiNotes - Fixed an issue where buttons and elements were overlapped on Remove Rooms dialog box and Remove Resources dialog box in some language...
KWAECBY4MLiNotes - Fixed an issue where an unexpected vertical scroll bar was displayed on then conflict check dialog box on Firefox in Japanese...
KWAECBY7URiNotes - Fixed an issue where an element and a button were overlapped on the repeating meeting dialog box on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in some...
KWAECC3A4MiNotes - Fixed an issue where there was no sufficient height on the Double Book dialog box when drag and drop a calendar entry on Chrome and Edge in...


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